We built our eKYC platform from the ground up to support seamless, secure data transfer by any user remotely, while also ensuring an intuitive data management process that checks all the boxes for your institution.

Powering Banks, Credit Unions & Other FIs #dgtl

Built specifically to serve the financial institutions and their clients in every market globally

ID Integration

Our innovative solution is integrated into the ShareRing ID Ecosystem allowing users to add, verify and submit their KYC Information

Cutting Edge Technology

Take advantage of technologies such as Facial liveness detection, OCR, NFC, Facematch, Electronic ID Documents and more

Remote Data Submission

Stay in compliance and accept, review, approve and manage KYC data submitted by your customers anywhere in the world, at any time.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate reports by KYC status, P.E.P exposure, Country of Residence, Risk Rating and more.

Secure Data Management

Securely manage user, staff and KYC data whether you're using our SaaS version or an on-premise deployment

Scale Globally

Verify and update KYC details of your customers anywhere in the world, removing the headache of a paper heavy KYC process.

How it works

IIC Digital Deposits is a turnkey cash deposit and reporting platform built from the ground up to digitize, streamline and innovate cash deposit transactions. The platform supports everything from night bags (containing checks, cash, coins and foreign currency) to ATM deposits, to over the counter cash deposits made by businesses, entrepreneurs and other clients.

3 Easy Steps to Deposit Cash

1. Scan

Scan a QR code assigned by your bank and include with your cash/checks in your night bag or envelope

2. Deposit

Fill and submit the Digital Deposit Slip, using the #dgtl app and drop off using the ATM, Night Deposit Shoot, or Over the Counter

3. Verify

Scan your customer’s QR Code, Verify the contents of the bag or envelope and approve the deposit.


A.I, Risk, Liveness Detection, Biometrics, ID Verification and more.

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