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Per Deposit (Up to 5000)

$750/Month (Paid Annually)


$ 0.10

Per Deposit (Up to 10k)

$1000/Month (Paid Annually)

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Key Features

We built DGTL so that banks and other financial institutions can focus on continuing to provide high quality financial solutions to their customers. With over 15 years of financial technology and banking operations knowledge, IIC Digital Deposits is purposefully built to digitize some of the toughest day to day processes our clients face. See below for key features we’ve implemented and continue to integrate into our platform.

  • Native QR Codes

    Integrated QR Code generator for batch or single bags

  • Digital Deposit Slips

    Digital deposit slips are linked to each QR Code, Bank and Customer

  • Cash + Cheques + FX

    Deposit cash, checks and foreign exchange digitally from a single, intuitive interface

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Customer, Teller, Supervisor and Company reports for easy data extraction and manipulation

  • Phygital + Digital Mobile Banking

    Night deposits & over the counter cash deposits are now part of the mobile banking experience

  • Notifications & Alerts

    Stay updated on customer requests and keep your customer updated when the status of their deposit changes.

  • Exciting & Innovative Roadmap

    We're just getting started. Our clients can look forward to even more innovative features: SmartCheques, Smart Deposit Slips for in-branch use, Cash-counter Integration, Core Banking Integration and more.